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Description: This peer group will explore leading practices in process improvement throughout the supply chain -- efforts designed to enhance value and reduce costs.

Scope of session: This group will discuss the applications of Lean, Six Sigma, use of Robotics and Automation and other improvement methods to achieve operational excellence. Focus will be directed to non-manufacturing as well as manufacturing environments toward effective implementation and sustainment of operational excellence.

Topics to be discussed: The session will illuminate the benefits and challenges associated with process improvement in organizations today, choosing and implementing including organizational culture, barriers to improvement, measurement systems, tools and methods, and success factors.

Who should attend: Professionals from the following functional areas should consider attending this session: Supply Chain Operations, Logistics, Procurement/Supply Management, Operational Excellence, Supply Chain Engineers

Description: This Peer Group will focus on using Information technology to increase the
efficiency and effectiveness in the Supply Chain.

Scope of session: This group will discuss leveraging both existing information technology
such as Main Frame Solutions (e.g. ERP Systems) and newer technology solutions such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation, (RPA), Machine Learning (ML) and

Topics to be discussed: This session will focus on not only leveraging existing systems, and
more importantly what type of systems do Supply Chain Professionals need in the future to
meet both customers, and business needs, particularly considering the need to be resilient
and agile during recent Covid and post-Covid world. The Group will also discuss how to
identify the right information technology/suppliers, how to justify to senior management
and implement them in a timely fashion.

Who should attend: Supply Chain Management Functional Leaders, Supply Chain
Information Technology, Procurement, Customer Service and Manufacturing Leaders

Description: When properly organized with the right people and leadership, procurement will create a “real” competitive advantage for the company. This is accomplished by focusing on delivering value and savings, building strong strategic supplier relationships, and driving innovation, improving quality and reputation, and reducing time to market.

Scope of session: Current challenges and opportunities in Procurement, identify current and future best practices, share experience on successful implementation of procurement initiatives, discussion of benefits, barriers to implementation and success factors.

Topics to be discussed: Initial topics are chosen by pre-conference participant’s feedback. Examples of past topics discussed. Strategic Sourcing Strategy, supplier Relationship Management (SRM), alignment with the Business, global Procurement (off shore and near shore), leveraging new and existing information technology for procurement, supplier Performance Management, Risk Management/Managing Supplier Compliance, managing in an ever-changing geopolitical environment

Who should attend:Professional decision-makers from the following functional areas should consider attending this session: Procurement (sometimes called Sourcing or Supply Management), Global Procurement, Global Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Materials Management

Description: This Peer Group will discuss leading edge Supply Chain Management Processes,
Best Practices, and how to use these processes to create a competitive advantage both for
your customers and running an efficient and effective Supply Chain in your business.

Scope of Session: This group will include broad range of Supply Chain Processes including
customers and customer service, logistics, warehousing, transportation, manufacturing, and

Topics to be Discussed: Processes related Customer Service/Customer Relationships,
Demand Planning/Forecasting, Sales and Operations Planning, Replenishment and
Fulfillment Activities, Inventory Management both at a Finished Goods and Raw and
Packaging area.

Who should attend: Any Supply Chain professionals that are responsible for managing,
implementing, or improving Supply Chain Processes: Logistics, Planning, Inventory
Management, Warehousing, Fulfillment, Information Technology, Supply Chain
Management, Procurement

Description: Your supply chain strategy sets the direction and roadmap to where you want  to be over a multiyear time horizon. That strategy must be responsive to the market and  recognize the company’s core competencies and resources. The supply chain strategy needs  to be systematically developed, monitored, and continuously reevaluated, responsive to the  supply chain environment. Finally, the coronavirus outbreak, coupled with the Business  Roundtable’s endorsement of a “stakeholder” approach highlight a new imperative: Supply  Chains must be both responsible and sustainable. In turn each component of the supply  chain (such as logistics) must have its own strategy that is aligned with the overall supply  chain strategy. Elements of supply chain and logistics strategy include operating models,  product flow (push versus pull and postponement), service versus cost goals, network  planning and relationships, alignment, performance measurement, strategic investments, and risk management. 

Scope of session and topics to be discussed: 

This session could cover any aspect of the development, implementation and performance  measurement of the supply chain and logistics strategic plan as well as resilience and  sustainability. Specific topics could include: alignment of supply chain strategies with those  of the firm and its customers, and across supply chain functions, conducting timely  environmental scans to maintain/enhance competitiveness, keeping supply chain complexity  from undermining strategy, using metrics consistent with strategy, coordinating supply chain  functions, recognizing megatrends impacting strategy, assessing supply chain capabilities,  impact of mergers and acquisitions, supply chain transformation, and accounting for supply  chain risk. 

Who should attend: Managers of one or more supply chain functions such as  Transportation, Logistics, Distribution, Operations, Sourcing, and overall Supply Chain who  have input into the strategic direction of the supply chain or its components.

Description: One of the major battles being fought today by employers is in the area of  talent management and leadership. 

Scope of session: Scope of session will provide insight into critical areas needed to succeed  in a competitive global market, such as: customer focused innovation, talent recruitment,  development and retention, staff that can handle systemic continuous improvement  programs such as Lean, change management in implementing new initiatives and programs,  tying the corporate vision and values into the workplace for maximum communication,  understanding and buy in by the employee health and wellness resulting in productivity and  satisfaction gains 

Topics to be discussed: SCM Talent Gap and how to overcome it, Management  Development Programs, Succession Planning Processes, Training and Development  Activities, Competencies Skills Assessment and Development, Recruiting Best Practices,  Change Management, Corporate Goal Alignment, Managing your Hi-Potentials and Boomers,  Gen Y and Gen Z people, and How to leverage Universities in this important strategic  initiative. 

Who should attend: Senior SCM Leadership, Senior Human Resources Leadership, and any SCM executive that is interested in increasing productivity in his/her organization.

Description: The transportation peer group is a facilitated discussion among industry  professionals focused on the key transportation issues confronting carriers, third party  logistics providers, and shippers. The agenda is based on input obtained from participants  prior to the conference. During the peer group sessions, the participants engage in a frank,  open discussion of the challenges they confront, and the strategies employed by others  facing similar issues. Key takeaways from previous sessions include: best practices  employed by industry leaders; identifying alternative business practices to drive operational  improvements; developing strategies for working more effectively across the shipper-carrier  interface; and building a personal network of transportation professionals. Scope of session: Discussion focuses on exchanging alternatives and best practices to  address the challenges confronted in transportation from carrier, shipper, and third-party  provider perspectives.  

Topics to be addressed: peer group members will set the agenda and topics discussed.  Topics covered during previous conferences included: improving shipper-carrier  relationships; managing transportation spend; navigating uncertain capacity in the  transportation market; managing ecommerce and last-mile delivery; mitigating driver  shortages through joint shipper-carrier actions; negotiating and bidding of transportation  shipper and carrier perspectives; and determining how to use brokers, freight forwarders,  NVOCCs and other transportation intermediaries most effectively.  

Who should attend: individuals influencing or making key transportation decisions; having  responsibility for managing transportation operations or budgets; or managing relationships  across the shipper-carrier interface.

Description: This peer group covers critical issues facing supply chain executives today and  discusses what companies are doing about them. Foresight into future growth opportunities  as well as unanticipated pitfalls will be explored. 

Who should attend: Only corporate members who serve on the Executive Committee are  to register for this peer group.

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