SCLA 2024: Supply Chain Reimagined for Optimal Performance Monday, June 3rd to Wednesday, June 5th , 2024 (Eastern)

Welcome to the SCLA

Supply Chain Leaders in Action Business Forum “SCLA” is a collection of over 60 leading major corporations and their senior management, that seek strategic ideas and thought leadership in order to improve supply chain and logistical operations.

Why Register?

The SCLA Annual Executive Forum offers a more personalized and rigorous opportunity to learn about the new trends, developments, and technology being leveraged in supply chain management. Executives and senior management attend to discuss business challenges and participate in educational seminars, workshops, and networking functions. Those who attend leave with the knowledge to not only impact their company’s supply chain operations but that of the global supply. This experience is a win-win for all involved.


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Why You Should Attend?

This program is condensed into 2 1/2 days days of personalized executive education that increases management’s supply chain knowledge and addresses the key concerns of corporate operations and management. Each member company receives personalized attention. The program is designed to significantly increase supply chain efficiency, enabling fast, reliable responses to pressing issues as well as establishing skill sets for solving problems.

The Program consists of the following unique elements:

Super Sessions

These sessions are designed to give the member attendees a more intense program than ordinary conference sessions provide. These sessions are interactive and give the attendees an opportunity for hands-on learning and industry benchmarking experience. A senior corporate executive and industry expert work hand-in-hand with the university faculty utilizing actual technology or services that pertain to the specific session. These take away tools help member attendees find best practices and solutions that they can utilize within their companies.

Keynote Sessions and Panels

Specialized keynote sessions and panels are given each day of the program. These sessions and panels are specifically chosen each year based on the needs of the SCLA member companies. They are designed not only to inform but also to engage the audience in the discussion. Interaction within all sessions is integral to this exceptional learning experience.

Peer Group Sessions

Within the 60 member companies of the SCLA program you will find some of the greatest forward thinkers in supply chain. Daily peer group discussions give member attendees a chance to share and exchange ideas and strategies in a non-competitive environment. This sharing of ideas across industry platforms allows for improved supply chain performance for all companies. This forum of collaboration and benchmarking is truly unique to this program.

Breakout Sessions

The SCLA program also includes specialized breakout sessions and panels which include various issues as determined by the needs of the SCLA group in general. Industries in vertical markets often face many of the same supply chain issues. The sessions address these issues in tracks that cover industry hot topics, best practices and future trends. If it’s innovative, proven, and/or a pressing issue you will find it addressed within these sessions.